Psychological Scavenger Hunt

Six-Pack for the Senses.

To succeed, you must diligently employ
all six (yes, six) of your senses: one sense for each goal.

Sight. Observe a man or woman, unbeknownst to you, who is pulling on his (or her) earlobe.

Touch. Experience a minor electrostatic shock when touching (or brushing up against) a stranger or a person known only to you on a first-name basis.

Sound. Hear the number "four" in isolation from other numbers, recited by a person next to you without prior coaching.

Taste. Sample a new food you have never before tasted. This morsel must be green and you must consume at least 100 calories.

Smell. Smell the odor of a genuine skunk, being careful to accomplish this while inside the shelter of an enclosed vehicle or other safe dwelling.

Psychic. Guess the correct caller on the other end of the line, without consulting Caller ID or using related techniques.

Extra "Street" Credit: Psychological Assertiveness. Audibly sing the first three bars of the scale (do, re, me) while sitting within four feet of a stranger.

Extra "Street" Credit: Emotional Audacity. Gaily shout "Hello, Marie!" to a perfect stranger, pretending to mistake her momentarily for your friend, "Marie."

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